Monday, November 24, 2008

Reproducing Your Influence

This past weekend we looked at how Jesus modeled leadership. The greater the impact or influence he had in peoples lives, the smaller the number of people in the group.
  • He shared his teachings with the crowds
  • He shared his ministry with the 72 disciples
  • He shared his responsibility with the 12 apostles
  • He shared his life with his 3 closest friends - Peter, James, and John

In reproducing your influence to the world around you, how do you do it at each of the four levels above?

  • Serving those around you
  • Initiating conversation with those who ask questions
  • Inviting those who are interested to participate with you
  • Investing your life in a close group of friends

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How Has The Influence Message Series Impacted Your Life?

One of my main goals with this blog is to create a place where we can discuss further the message from the past Sunday. How did it impact you? What questions did it leave in your mind? What do you want to talk about in relation to the message that we didn't have time to discuss on Sunday?

So, let's get started !!

During the past six weeks we've been discussing the subject of how you and I are wired to influence the world around us. I'd like to hear from you how God has used this series to challenge you to make a greater impact in your world. I'd also like to hear any ideas raised during the message series that you'd like to discuss further.